5 Easy Steps to Streaming Success on Spotify

Buy Spotify Plays

Spotify is the central hub for music streaming and it is the first stop for every musician and artist all over the world. It has 100 million paid subscribers which are surely a great milestone for Spotify. Whether you are an artist or record label, Spotify is a great place to showcase your music craft to the rest of the world. If you are an independent artist and want to success on this mega-popular platform, then you have come to the right page because here we will discuss how you can get streaming success on Spotify.

Stream your music:

First off, stream your music over the web through Spotify, SoundCloud, YouTube, Deezer and many more. But you can leverage this platform when you have more streams and followers. You can buy Spotify plays to get noticed in short order and produce high-quality music to come on the top charts.

Verify your profile:

If you want to get most out of this biggest music platform then don’t forget to verify your profile. Through the verified profiles, artists can send messages to their followers that help them to build a good relationship with them. Plus, they can show off their discography, images, biography, and their official tour dates. The good thing is that listener can view all the playlists of the artists who have verified profile. The Spotify’ verified profile allows the artists to communicate with their fans and listeners by Spotify social, discovering feeds and in-client messaging.

Use Spotify as a promotional Network:

Spotify is a big music streaming network that allows artists to monetize their content. But having a huge following count can give you a great edge on Spotify. That’s why most of the artists prefer to buy Spotify followers and help them to reach them a whole new audience. When people will follow you then they will get a notification when you upload your new release or any new update. Also consider sharing your profile on other social platforms that will drive more traffic, increase plays and encourage the people to follow you on Spotify.

Tips to grow your Spotify followers:

  • Follow other artist related to your music genre that will help you to gain more followers.
  • Create and share a theme base playlist on your profile.
  • Cross promotion can help to gain a number of new followers on Spotify.
  • Share your albums and new release with your fans. Also, create new playlists more often and encourage your followers to follow your playlist.
  • Add the link of your profile to your YouTube channel because it is a great place for music.
  • Add follow button to your blog, this way your visitors will follow you on Spotify just tapping on this button.   

 Track your metrics:

Track your Spotify metrics because it is vital to growing your followers whether you are on social media or music platforms. You can track the growth of your followers, your audio campaigns and also see the streaming data.