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TV Schedule + Photo Updates

Bryce’s appearance schedule for next week is listed below!

January 16 – GMA | ABC 7am EST
January 16 – Jimmy Fallon | NBC 11:30pm EST
January 17 – Build Studio | 3pm EST
January 18 – The View | ABC 11am EST

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News/New Photos/New Gold Trailer

Bryce will be attending a Black Mirror screening followed by a Q&A with the SAG Foundation tomorrow January 11!
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January 9, 2017 — “Bryce Dallas Howard is studying for her college degree
“That was the right thing to do at that time and I do feel good about it,” says Howard. “I was very focused on school and was auditioning simultaneously — when I eventually got a job that was my focus. I haven’t been at school since then — and actually all that time I’ve been chipping away at my degree. The irony of it all is that I was a drama major, and now I’ve done so much of it in sociology that I’m probably going to end up being a sociology major.”
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New Gold Trailer

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2nd Annual Moet Moment Film Festival

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January 4, 2017 — “Bryce Dallas Howard Shops Online for Red Carpet Looks
“I got a Balmain dress,” said Howard, practically beaming. “I haven’t worn it yet!” After experimenting with palette and silhouette, she’s willingly trying out a few other wardrobe changes for 2017. “I got a pair of clogs,” she said, adding that she’s also in the midst of a Marie Kondo–like purge. “After all this consuming, I want to hopefully do [a] capsule collection! Not designing a capsule collection necessarily, [but] getting rid of all my stuff so I only have between 30 and 50 items.” And with Sunday’s Globes approaching, how will Howard be dressing for the occasion? “I have plans to stay at home and wear pajamas.”
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Birthday Project + Exclusives

It’s that time again to begin work on this year’s birthday video for Bryce. Last year’s video turned out so well and I’m looking for ways to make this one even better. Instead of asking for general birthday messages, this year I’m trying something fun and different! Send me a video of yourself answering the questions below. This video will get sent to Bryce directly, so be fun and creative! Deadline is February 25, 2017.

1. What 3 words would you use to describe Bryce?
2. Name one thing you love most about Bryce.
3. If you could spend one day with Bryce, what would you do?
4. What is your favorite Bryce moment from this year?
5. What is your favorite story Bryce has told this year?
6. What’s one thing you would like Bryce to know about you?
7. What would lacie pound rate you?
8. Which of Bryce’s characters would you want to be best friends with?
9. Dragons or dinosaurs?
10. Tell Bryce “Happy Birthday!”

Email your video submissions to
Feel free to ask any questions!


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Moet Moment Film Festival

It was announce today that Bryce will serve as head judge at the 2nd Annual Moet Moment Film Festival which takes place on January 4, 2017.

January 2, 2017 | 2nd Annual Moet Moment Film Festival |

Moet & Chandon
Doheny Room, 9077 Santa Monica Blvd., West Hollywood, 7 p.m.

The champagne set will gather for the 2nd Annual Moet Moment Film Festival, aka “The Minis,” an annual competition that aims to inspire a new generation of talent dedicated to telling their stories on film. Moet — the longstanding official champagne of the Golden Globes — welcomes this year’s head judge, Bryce Dallas Howard, along with Gina Rodriguez, Primary Wave’s David Guillod, Serial Pictures’ Violaine Etienne, Tribeca Film Festival’s Sharon Badal, HFPA journalist Elisabeth Sereda and Ghetto Film School’s Kisha Imani Cameron.

Healthy Living Magazine Update

How fitting that on this last day of 2016, we finally wrap up the thing that gave us the most trouble in 2016! This magazine was a challenge indeed, but you can now enjoy everything the issue has to offer! (Except the shoot in HQ, but I digress). Check out the full scans, interview, and shoot below!

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December 31, 2016 — “No Formula For Hollywood”
If you weren’t in the movie industry, what profession would you go for?
“This is an adjacent industry—writing. When I was thinking about what I should focus in on, writing was first before acting. I interned at Vanity Fair for a while and wanted to see the side of writing that was more commercial and financially sustainable other than being a novelist, which is very difficult in order to support a family, working freelance as a writer. I could definitely see teaching. I would love that. Definitely literature, and maybe sociology or psychology. Of course, I would have to go through more years of school in order to be able to be a teacher.”
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