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The “Talk Show” gallery has been completely renovated! Instead of having one album for all the photos of that particular talk show, I’ve changed it around so that Captures, Professional Stills, and photos from Social Media can be split into separate folders. This was impossible with the old layout. They’ve also been separated by year. Hopefully this adds more organization and makes it more user friendly! Be sure to click through all the new albums because there are hidden gems everywhere! Along with rearranging the layout, many new photos have been added here and there.

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Larger notable additions include…

The Today Show – November 14, 2011 (w/ Ron Howard)
The Tonight Show – August 8, 2011
The Tonight Show – June 26, 2010
The Tonight Show – January 13, 2010
Today The Tonight Show With Jay LenoThe Tonight Show with Jay LenoThe Tonight Show with Conan O'Brien




Good Morning America – August 4, 2011
The Today Show – July 7, 2010
The Tonight Show – May 3, 2007
CBS Early Show – May 7, 2007
ABC's "Good Morning America" - 2011
The Tonight Show with Jay Leno06bb5a55



Bryce is going to TIFF!

Bryce is on the list of stars scheduled to attend the 2016 Toronto International Film Festival. The festival runs September 8-18. Bryce’s exact schedule is still unknown, but we’ll keep you updated.

Bryce’s episode of Black Mirror (Nosedive) will be screened on September 12, 13, 15, 17. Read the description below!

In Nosedive, a determined woman (Bryce Dallas Howard) wants to lease an apartment in an exclusive complex. But as this is a world where every single interaction is rated, and overall rating determines social status, she is compelled to give a maid-of-honour speech at the wedding of an old friend (Alice Eve). In this biting social satire, penned by Rashida Jones and directed by Joe Wright (Hanna and Anna Karenina), a bad-luck trip to a rehearsal dinner plummets our protagonist into a devastating life change.


New Video and Interview

August 19, 2016 — “Bryce Dallas Howard: I’m a crazy hermit – I’m either at work or at home”

“When I was at the Critics’ Choice Awards last year, I went up to the Disney Pixar table and was like: ‘Guys, I really want to be a Disney voice, please, please, please.’ One of my best friends Josh Gad – who is godfather to my children – is the voice of Olaf in Frozen and I’m so jealous.”

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Black Mirror Stills, Magazine Scans & More!

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002 x Photo Shoots >> Set #58 → Here
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002 x Magazine Scans >> Metro Life – August 18, 2016 → Here





August 18, 2016 — “The Bryce is Right”

‘I’m always cold,’ she explains, gathering her cushions into a nest and curling back into them. ‘Look, I’m even wearing stockings.’ She wiggles her toes, happily freed of their Saint Laurent heels. Today she is snugly stylish in a Mad Men-style Narciso Rodriguez pencil skirt and a red, pussy-bow Valentino blouse. ‘I call my style “cover up” because I love being as covered up as possible,’ she says.

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August 18, 2016 — “Five Minutes With: Bryce Dallas Howard”

I had got really into basketball when I was young and was on the Varsity team and was the captain of the Varsity basketball team and all that kind of stuff. My dad was shooting something at the time and he didn’t make it to the basketball games and he said it was the biggest regret in life. And I am like, ‘Dude, you’re off the hook!’ I think because his parents were so just engaged as parents and really wonderful, my dad has really high expectations for himself as a parent, sometimes almost too high, and so I think in a way I also inherited that.

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Pete’s Dragon Interview with BMMO  → Here

New photos and 2 videos!

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012x Public Appearances >> 2016 >> Pete’s Dragon Press Conference → Here
001x Bryce in Social Media >> Everything Else → Here
004x Photo Shoots >> Set #57 → Here
023x Candids >> Jennifer Klein’s 18th Annual ‘Day of Indulgence’ Party – 8/14/16 →





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