October 21 Recap – Black Mirror

Due to copyright concerns, we’re unable to upload Bryce’s episode of Black Mirror to the video gallery, but there are 912 super HQ screen caps from the episode now in the photo gallery!

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26106  28942  210298  24926

Thanks to kadiffkirwan for sharing this on set photo!

001x Television >> Black Mirror >> On Set → Here


October 21, 2016 — Black Mirror’s Stars and Writers on How They Made the Most Disturbing Season yet”

“It’s the real world, enhanced, the way Howard took her own “absurd” laugh (as she described it to me) and tweaked it into Lacie’s “operatic giggle.” Howard recalls reading Mason Currey’s book, Daily Rituals: How Artists Work, and realizing that even in centuries past, people would set aside hours of their day to devote to the maintenance of their public self. “People would have time to write or work or do whatever they were doing, and then there was always a time of the day that was for for writing letters or entertaining visitors,” she says. “I was like, oh, everyone always needs to do email. Some version of emails has always happened.”

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October 22, 2016 — Black Mirror Postmortem: How Bryce Dallas Howard Took a ‘Nosedive'”

“We did a read-through before shooting, and he was there via Skype in a very Black Mirror sort of way. The script never changed; on other projects, you get new pages every single day. It felt kind of like a play.”

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Entertainment Weekly |  “Black Mirror” Interview → Here
Associated Press | “Black Mirror” Interview → Here

TV Alerts! + Photo/Video Update

TV Alerts!

October 24th → Conan O’Brien | TBS at 11pm EST
October 27th → The Today Show | NBC at 9am EST

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Photo Updates!

Added 53 photos to this event bringing the total to 128!

+053x Public Appearances >> 2016 >> 60th BFI London Film Festival – October 6 → Here

ptssphoto059810   ptssphoto059811   Black Mirror Photocall   Gugu Mbatha Raw and Bryce Dallas Howard attends the UK premiere for "Black Mirror" at the Blue Bird Cafe for the London Film Festival.

Added another cast photo from the Black Mirror photo shoot!

+001x Photo Shoots >> Set #63 → Here

Cast of Black Mirror, IndieWire, September 12, 2016

New Video!

Digital Spy | “Black Mirror” Interview → Here

Photos, TV Alert, Video!

Big thanks to Melanie Benjamin, author of The Swans of 5th Avenue, for sharing her photo with Bryce from today!

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TV Alert!! Bryce will be a guest on NBC’s TODAY show on October 27th at 9am EST!



Last week Bryce appeared on the UK’s This Morning promoting Black Mirror and today her dad, Ron Howard, and Ton Hanks was on the show. Bryce recorded a sweet message to them last week. Check it out!

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Bryce’s message → Here
Bryce on This Morning → Here

Pete’s Dragon DVD/Blu-Ray Release Date!

Pete’s Dragon will be released on DVD and Blu-Ray November 29!!

Bonus features to include:

  • Making Magic – Elliot-centric featurette
  • Notes to Self: A Director’s Diary – David Lowery narrates the personal notes he kept during production
  • Deleted Scenes
  • Bloopers
  • Feature on  New Zealand
  • Music Video: Lumineers’ “Nobody Knows”
  • Music Video: Lindsey Stirling’s “Something Wild”
  • Audio Commentary: David Lowery, co-writer Toby Halbrooks, Oakes Fegley and Oona Laurence

“The new film, starring Bryce Dallas Howard, Robert Redford, Karl Urban, and Oakes Fegley as Pete, will be available Nov. 29 on multiple formats, including Blu-ray, DVD, digital HD, on-demand, and Disney Movies Anywhere. In addition to the clip above, which is excerpted from an Elliot-centric featurette titled “Making Magic,” the bonus features on the Blu-ray and digital HD editions include: “Notes to Self: A Director’s Diary,” in which Lowery narrates the personal notes he kept during production; deleted scenes; bloopers; a travelogue of New Zealand, where the film was shot; the Lumineers’ “Nobody Knows” and Lindsey Stirling’s “Something Wild” music videos; and audio commentary from Lowery, co-writer Toby Halbrooks, and the film’s child stars Fegley and Oona Laurence.”

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Also, added the interview section of Bryce’s issue of VVV Magazine.

003x Magazine Scans >> VVV Magazine – Fall 2016 → Here

bdh-hl8-copy   lqj4c5mc-copy   nyakzqqd-copy

Gallery Updates!

I’ve updated and added many new HQ photos to 4 different galleries, all individually checked for quality and duplicates! Check them out below! ↓

+107x Public Appearances >> 2016 >> Pete’s Dragon US – August 8 → Here

302   001_actress-bryce-dallas-howard-attends-the-world-premiere-of-disneys-petes-dragon-at-the-el-capitan-theatre_0038   Premiere Of Disney's "Pete's Dragon" - Red Carpet   Premiere Of Disney's "Pete's Dragon" - Red Carpet

+060x Public Appearances >> 2015 >> LA Philharmonic Opening Gala – Sept 29 → Here

162   069   159   161

+088x Public Appearances >> 2015 >> Premiere Party for Dinotrux – August 12 → Here

094   1926   3616   092

+044x Public Appearances >> 2015 >> Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Launch party – August 18 → Here

046   065   091   019

This Morning & Black Mirror Photos/Video


004x Talk Shows >> 2016 >> This Morning – October 7, 2016 >> Social Media → Here

3930a27e00000578-0-image-m-82_1475839554962   14515588_1683541021974585_5344799213156827136_n   14596791_346520219019980_3955935458260680704_n   cukrydwwiaacszc

066x Talk Shows >> 2016 >> This Morning – October 7, 2016 >> Captures → Here

bryce-dallas-howard-on-uks-this-morning-_-black-mirror-mp4_20161007_150212-789   bryce-dallas-howard-on-uks-this-morning-_-black-mirror-mp4_20161007_145846-754   bryce-dallas-howard-on-uks-this-morning-_-black-mirror-mp4_20161007_150202-389   bryce-dallas-howard-on-uks-this-morning-_-black-mirror-mp4_20161007_150203-429

015x Television >> Black Mirror >>  Official Trailer Captures → Here

official-black-mirror-season-3-trailer-_-bryce-dallas-howard-mp4_20161007_145015-216   official-black-mirror-season-3-trailer-_-bryce-dallas-howard-mp4_20161007_144320-274   official-black-mirror-season-3-trailer-_-bryce-dallas-howard-mp4_20161007_144651-980   official-black-mirror-season-3-trailer-_-bryce-dallas-howard-mp4_20161007_144856-820

002x Television >> Black Mirror >>  Promo Stills → Here

49194856-cached   bryce-dallas-howard-in-black-mirrors-667300


Black Mirror Official Trailer → Here
This Morning ‘Black Mirror’ Interview → Here

LEGO Jurassic World: The Indominus Escape – Parts 1 to 5!

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